Top 5 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Explainer Video

A whiteboard explainer video or whiteboard animation video is a type of video marketing that utilizes an online whiteboard where a sketch artist illustrates a description or draws about how a process, item, or service works. The video is typically accompanied by a comprehensive voice-over narrative of the topic. The artists might draw charts or cartoons that are fun to take a look at so that the video is more amusing a and can attain better audience engagement.

This form of video has become extremely popular amongst services for numerous factors. An whiteboard video is:

1. Straight to the point

A whiteboardvideo, unlike other types of discussion, keeps fluff to the minimum since the illustrations only present the most essential points on the topic. The commentary narrative directly talks to the script and the audience strictly sticks to what the illustrations are aiming to convey.

When people view a whiteboard explainer video, all they can see is a clutter-free live movement diagram, flowchart, or comic strip that makes technical details more easily understandable. If you are going to make a video about how your cost savings can grow in your bank account, a whiteboardvideo will be much better fit for the job as compared to a live action video.

2. Easy to comprehend

Whiteboard videos use creative sketches that capture the attention of the audience better so that they do not feel bored or get distracted and look away. The exposure to the sketches triggers more brain activity in the audiences and thus, helps them to follow your subject more easily than other kind of video.

A regular is less attractive and enables for extremely little imagination so the audience gets bored after just a couple of seconds. All they can see is a person blabbering words that they can hear but could not understand the way the video means them to.

3. More cost-effective to produce

Unlike live action and 3D animated videos that can be costly to produce, whiteboard videos are much simpler and cost-effective. To develop a video, you just need a small well-lit studio, cam equipment, a cam team, a whiteboard with markers or a traditional chalkboard with chalk sticks, a sketch artist, a storyteller, and a video manufacturer. You do not need to work with a group of animators, stars, make-up artists, or lease venues and furnishings just to shoot your video.

4. Imaginative and fun

There’s absolutely nothing more intriguing than watching an artist develop illustrations that are enjoyable to take a look at. With every stroke of the pen marker, the audience prepares for and imagines exactly what will pop out next. Whiteboard videos are likewise perfect for audiences with brief attention periods or are too hectic to take a look at full-length videos. Every illustration refreshes the focus of their eyes so they can focus much better on what the video is aiming to state.

5. Produces more powerful psychological connection

Whiteboard videos are great in assisting your audience remember your brand or business. It is innovative and memorable, so they appreciate enjoying it. It is interesting, so they are more likely to speak about it with others.

Its simpleness is exactly what makes it a good choice to utilize explainer videos. You do not take too long or spend excessive to put the video together so you can get your message to your audience immediately. At the very same time, your audience easily gets in touch with your video and is most likely to obtain taken part in it and ultimately decide to buy or transform.

Whiteboard Explainer Video
Example of one of our Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Video

A whiteboard video or whiteboard explainer video is a form of video marketing. In these videos a sketch artist draws or illustrates an explanation about how a service, item, or procedure works. Whiteboard videos use innovative sketches that capture the attention of the audience. Unlike live action and 3D animated videos that can be pricey to produce, explainer videos are much easier and affordable. To develop a whiteboard explainer video, you only need a little well-lit studio, camera devices, an electronic camera team, a whiteboard with markers or a conventional blackboard with chalk sticks, a sketch artist, a storyteller, and a video manufacturer. Whiteboard videos are also perfect for audiences with short attention spans or are too hectic to look at full-length videos. Learn more about Whiteboard