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Talking Heads is an online company that focuses on providing individuals and businesses with a custom video presentation that would best present their interests and brand. We can do sales videos, web videos, and even Kickstarter videos, all at a competitive price. With our custom video presentations, conveying your message and promoting your brand has never been more effective!

Video Presentations vs. Slides

Here’s an important thing to consider: Different people absorb information at different rates and in different ways. There are those who learn better through the use of sound or by having someone explain the details to them, while others absorb information better when they are able to see a visual for it. These days, the use of video presentations to get ideas across quicker and more effectively is becoming the trend.

Slide presentations tend to get boring over time. Imagine sitting through a presentation where you’re basically made to read through paragraphs of text—completely disregarding the visual advantage that this medium presents. These days, people pay attention better if you give them something interesting to look at; this is where video presentations come in. Unlike slides, it is not limited to explaining key points. Because you have a speaker, the audience’s attention is immediately drawn to it.

This is what we can provide you with custom videos as a PowerPoint alternative. After all, nobody wants to read a long line of text when a video can explain your point in 15 seconds or fewer. Aside from that, website visitors do not stay on a page for a long time. If you cannot catch their attention within the first few seconds of their visit, they would immediately close the window or switch to a different website.

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The Benefits of Video Presentation

Our custom video presentations can transform your 500-word pitch into something shorter, something more eye-catching. We would be able to help you establish your brand to a viewer within that time span, whilst providing them with the reasons why they SHOULD give you their time. Whether it be a video that sells something or one that conveys an important message, our presentations can make it more effective at reaching the intended audience.

How It Works:

  • Step 1: We will assign one of our project managers, along with a technical team, to work on your video presentation. They will create your custom video according to the details that you provide.
  • Step 2: Once you approve the final storyboard and the chosen spokesperson for it, our professional video production team would bring everything to life using our in-house film equipment and venue. Yes, we do every video production right here in our headquarters!
  • Step 3: After filming, we do post-production for two to three weeks at most, and then mail to you the finished product.

Using all information and visual elements you send to us, we make sure that you receive a high-quality presentation that you can share through different social media outlets.

Call us at 801-368-2961 for a quote today! We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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