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Motion Design Example –

Motion design is a discipline that applies graphic design principles to video production using animation and effects. It encompasses many different design disciplines. These include moving type, stop-motion animation, digital video production, and 3d elements.

Alone or together these techniques create motion graphics. Designers can convey more than they would with a single image. Using time they can take a viewer on a visual journey.

Motion design has evolved as a direct result of technology improvements. Many graphic design videos incorporate digital components.

Motion graphics are prevalent in advertisements and intro sequences and other places. You’d be hard-pressed not to see motion graphics when watching television these days.

If you want to promote your business, motion graphics is an affordable, viable option. High-quality visuals are no longer the sole domain of large companies. You don’t need a huge budget or production teams geared for making big screen and television.

Video cameras have improved in quality and decreased in price over the last decade. Software applications have also improved. Programs such as After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut are on the cutting-edge. They give us the ability to create without separate editing and post-production departments. We create our videos in house, in full. We add Special effects and edit on the desktop.

We train our motion designers in graphic design. As well as the integration of time, sound, and space into his or her existing skillset. Motion designers also come from film or animation backgrounds.

Television title sequences, opening film credits, and YouTube videos now feature motion graphics. Take a look at a few and you will get an idea of what is currently possible.

We create visually stunning videos using this new media. We shoot high-quality video. Then edit and composite with animations, 3d, typography, and special effects. We add narrative and energy to your script. While putting your message in a multitude of areas with your script.

In the future integrative technologies will merge television, the internet, and communication. Motion design will be more and more important if you want people to notice your brand and products.

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