Green Screen Video

George Albert Smith developed the Green Screen technique in 1898 when he recorded real-time stars as part of his short film The Youthful Mr. Lincoln. Most people know exactly how a Television Weatherperson stands in front of a map showing the weather, this utilizes Green screen modern technology. Filmmakers likewise use it as an alternative to pricey special results for making actors look as if they are flying in the sky, swimming underwater, or floating.

Most firms utilize this strategy for digital filmmaking, along with various other applications such as computer game layout, picture adjustment, as well as special effects.

Green Screen Example
Green Screen Example

What is Green Screen Video?
The green screen video is a technology where you film in front of a green background, and then replace the background with graphics, animations, or video. The “Green” in the name describes the shade of the screen, not any kind of particular color of Green. You can call it greenscreen, chroma-keying, transparent video, as well as Green screen video.

In basic, we call these video clips chroma key or Green Screen because they use a technique called chroma keying which permits filmmakers to change the background with any various other pictures they want. In these cases, the presenter stands in front of a green screen and talks about the subject at hand.

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Many firms utilize this method for electronic filmmaking, along with for other applications such as video game style, photo control, as well as unique impacts.

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